Cast Away

This is where the road ends with life pure & undisturbed. Beach huts, hammocks, a millions stars, the sea… This is for everyone who ever felt there must be more to life. Here’s more. Welcome. Cast Away is an off-the-grid “back to basics” eco campsite categorized as “Robinson Accommodation,” offering 10 spacious beach huts in the middle of nature a stone’s throw away from 2 beautiful beaches.  Each beach hut comes with exquisite sea views, the ideal place to relax and recharge, a world away from the touristic hustle. Enjoy a million stars in one of the many hammocks or lounges and let the gentle sound of the waves lull you to sleep. The place is truly a hidden gem! Surrounded by nature & extraordinary sea views, we are blessed to be able to call this place home! Indulge yourself with tranquility in our little piece of paradise! Explore the pittoresk village nearby and meet its authentic inhabitants. Experience the real Croatia, unwind & reconnect with nature!  The future is bright and we are in the process of adding 3 brand new apartments, each with a beautiful fully equipped kitchen, an ensuite bathroom and a sea view balcony.  All in the same Robinson spirit…  Looking forward to welcome you in our private apartments from the Spring of 2024 !

The Team

Didier Van Bellinghen

Didier Van Bellinghen – Owner

I jumped from a plane in New Zealand, swam with giant sea turtles in Galapagos, nomadized with Bedouin tribes in the Wadi Rum desert… This is my life!

Born in little old Belgium to a Belgian father and a Croatian mother, my sister and I were never big travelers. I didn’t take my first trip overseas until I was 23. But when my dad took me on a crazy roadtrip through Thailand, my whole world changed. I remember feeling being on a total different planet.  From that moment on I was hooked on travel.  All I wanted to do was explore, see more of the world and learn more about the people in it and so I left on a bunch of trips! And that got to me… after working for the Belgian television and living in our Western society for 15 long years, I felt the need to break out and go back to the essence of being, back… to the essence of life!

Jelena Van Bellinghen (sister) – Owner

So in 2013, I took a gap year and jumped into an amazing adventure around the world. That was the most amazing year of my life and it changed me forever! I got lost in a jungle, wandered for hours in deserts, met all kinds of amazing people from all around the world and realized how beautiful people can be. I remember staying with a very well off fellow in an ocean view condo in Hawaii one day and with a poor and humble family and all their relatives in a tiny little home in a dusty community in Fiji the very next day. Such extreme experiences but all wonderful in their own way.

Website: www.backpackingaroundtheglobe.­

When I came home, I felt that I just couldn’t fit in society anymore, so I wondered… Could there be anything more perfect than to host travellers and share my passion for adventure in one of the most beautiful and secluded places on this planet? I guess it was karma that our parents bought their own little piece of paradise back in the 70’s to start their very own.  Unfortunately our mom passed away right after the start of the construction.

Elke Thelen – CEO / General Manager

So it was clear… I quit my job, sold my house and my car to finish our parents’ lifelong dream after 30 years!  I created Cast Away with a clear concept in mind to share our beautiful seaside paradise with likeminded travellers to reconnect with nature, enjoy simple things in life and rediscover the beauty of true human contact & new friendships.

My primary aim is to improve the project every single year and offer our guests to best experience possible with the focus on environmental sustainability and a low footprint.

That’s one of the reasons why Elke Thelen came into the picture to breathe new life into the business.

Elke came with a friend as a regular guest in the fall of 2022.  A few months later, she applied to join the team for the new season.  As a new team member, Elke had a huge, positive impact on the project with her communication & interpersonal skills and her professional approach.  Elke developed the same passion for the project and was providing an incredible customer service to all our guests.  Her professionalism, devotion, spontaneity, kindness and eye for detail made all the difference for our guests and it made her become our new CEO / General Manager.  Starting this year (2024), Elke will be responsible for the whole operational aspect of the business to achieve new goals, create a new environment for both staff and guests and bring this whole project to a new level !

The Island

Scenic creeks & beaches, crystal clear water, unspoilt natural beauty… these are a few things that the beautiful island of Hvar has to offer.  Known as one of world’s 10 most beautiful islands, the ‘lavender’ island welcomes you not only with a pleasant smell of lavender, sage & rosemary but invites everyone to discover it’s rich mix of culture, traditions & architecture. Set between the famous cities of Dubrovnik & Split, it’s not only Croatia’s most famous & sunniest island but has the perfect location for numerous daytrips or to travel to ‘must see’ islands such as Korcula, Vis & Brac.

Towns on the island


For families with nice restaurants, cocktail bars, souvenir shops, etc.


Old town with a plenty of history, pittoresk & narrow streets, nice restaurants, cocktail bars, souvenir shops, etc.

Hvar town

Old, historic city with a sparkling culture and amazing nightlife.  Hvar city is the most famous party place in Croatia hosting the notorious Ultra Europe in July and withseveral world-known beach clubs such as Carpe Diem Beach & Hula Hula.  Hvar is also known as a jetset destination with extravagant yachts, exquisite sea food & worldclass wines. Towns such as Starigrad & Jelsa are definitely worth a visit. If you like really remote, authentic local places I would recommend some small villages inland such as Pitve, Vrisnik, Dol, Svirce, etc. Ivan Dolac, Zavala, Sv Nedelja are also very cosy and not so touristy. Feel the real Dalmatia and explore those small villages, taste the home made local wine, taste some fresh olive oil or fresh lavender… And don’t forget the delicious home made Prosek!